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My current work is styled in the Victorian aesthetic of the steampunk genre, and is set in the mid-Victorian period. The Mechanical Maestro is the first book in a series following the adventures of genius inventors, the Abernathy family, and their sophisticated automata.


The Mechanical Maestro

London, 1857.
Brothers George and Douglas Abernathy are clockmakers who are barely scraping a living in their family’s shop. They are also brilliant inventors with a sideline building custom-built androids and other technology ahead of its time...

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Short stories

The Christmas Ball

This festive story is set two years after the events of The Mechanical Maestro, and is a taster of the characters you'll meet in the next book in the series (although the events of Book 2 take place prior to this story).

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Guest writing

As well as writing fiction, I regularly contribute to blogs about English, writing and heritage as a guest writer.

Articulately aims to help you to find your narrative voice and produce clear, concise writing. For anyone interested in English, especially those considering university study, I’d highly recommend having a look through some of the other posts on her blog.

An interview with an MRes English student

In this post written for my friend Haneen’s blog, I share my experiences of doing a Masters by Research, shining a spotlight on this somewhat overlooked form of study.

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