The Mechanical Maestro

My debut novel, The Mechanical Maestro is a steampunk historical fiction adventure set in Victorian London.

Two genius brothers find their lives transformed forever when they create a sophisticated android composer...

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Short stories

The Christmas Ball

This festive story is set two years after the events of The Mechanical Maestro, and is a taster of the characters you'll meet in the next book in the series (although the events of Book 2 take place prior to this story).

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Blog: Researching the past

A Look into Fashion of the 1850s: Ladies

A mid-Victorian lady would have many outfits for many occasions, such as calling on friends, attending dinners, balls or maybe just lounging around the house.

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Blog: Researching the past

Lords, Ladies and Misters: A Guide to Addressing the Peerage (And the Common People)

Back in the nineteenth century, it was important to 'know your place' in society, and if you wanted to make a good impression, you had to know how to address your social superiors or inferiors.

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